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Welcome to our Storytelling Corner:

Here you will find Jim’s latest thoughts on a wide variety of topics and issues, including Business Trends, Leadership, Social Justice, and Queer Rights and Activism.   Through this forum, we aim to open dialogues and discussions that encourage all of us to stay constantly curious and to learn something new. 

“It is more important now than ever to share our Authentic stories and address the urgent issues and needs in our Community.”

Jim Fielding

Community, Podcast

PRIDE SEASON 2023: Beware of Rainbow Washers!

As we prepare to celebrate Pride Season, it is critical to step up and remind ourselves why these dates and events exist in the first place.


Southern Exposure: Did California make me soft?

I lived for 25 years in California, including 5 years in San Francisco, 18 years in Los Angeles, and 2 years in Laguna Beach...


The best marketing happens when we blend science with emotion.


We’re Here! We’re Queer! Get Used to It!

The generation gap and emotional responses that exist around the word Queer is very real and rooted in history, especially in the United States.

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