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The Story that Started it all... Available now! Published by John Wiley&Sons

Jim’s first book is the foundation of our community and his desire to amplify and celebrate stories about living and leading authentically

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President Archer Gray Productions

“Jim Fielding’s ALL PRIDE NO EGO is inspiring, honest, funny, and candid. I learned about Jim, but I also take away lessons to apply to my own life- both personal and professional. And it is so WONDERFULLY Midwestern. I know that it will have impact.”


Co-Founder and CEO, Office

“Jim has built a tremendous career based on telling stories, and now, lucky for us, he’s sharing his own. If you lead a team of humans, read this book.”


Former Disney, Dreamworks, and Fox Creative Executive

“Inspiring and riveting, All Pride, No Ego weaves a fascinating career with wisdom we can all use during these ever changing times.  Jim’s journey is a lesson in love, compassion, balance and evolution and a compelling reminder to keep our feet on the ground as we reach for the stars.”

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